Marines Solutions

we have a long and illustrious history, and more importantly, an exciting future. 

We think outside the box when it comes to Container transport.

1- Container depot services. 

Here in kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our Container service provides an efficient one-stop shop at NEOM and JAZAN offering a full range of depot services for dry, refrigerated and specialist equipment.

These depot services include inspection and grading of equipment, refrigerated equipment, pre-trip inspection, steam cleaning, plating, container panel and frame straightening or renewal, container re-sprays, painting and floor repairs and renewals.

2-Container shipping and logistics. 

we know containers inside out. We also know the services we have to provide, to make sure that your containerised goods get to where they need to go to, in the most efficient, most environmentally responsible way possible. That’s why we are more than simply container terminals. They’re innovative, forward-thinking networks. Giving you what you need, when you need it. Now and in the future.

3-Marine services. 

our services extend beyond the dockside where we offload or load your cargo. Helping you to get to us with maximum ease and efficiency is just as important. , we actually have a statutory duty to maintain and conserve the harbours. 

Wherever your vessel moves in the ports we will be there for giving the best assist to you.

4-Multi-user warehousing Solar powered.

we pride ourselves in giving our customers the opportunity to warehouse their goods in ideal locations. Then we help get this cargo to market in the most flexible, efficient and cost-effective way possible.

If you want to simply store a few pallets or lease your own facility, our team of experts will be on hand to deliver your ideal solution. From food to furniture, centric warehousing facilities can accommodate most products and volumes.

The idea of a port-centric service or facility isn’t new. Ports everywhere have offloaded and warehoused incoming goods for a long, long time. What’s new is the way it’s done. What’s new is the breadth and flexibility of , multi-modal port-centric offering in Saudi Arabia. 


At Peel Ports we don’t just construct tailor-made properties, we build excellent working relationships. We have extensive port estates in NEOM , KING ABDULLAH ECONOMIC CITY and JAZAN , we work with a variety of local authorities, experienced local engineers, architects and builders to provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective facilities for our customers.

We also refurbish and develop property to meet your unique requirements and have a large portfolio of exciting facilities ready and waiting. We have the ability and flexibility to deliver what you want, where you want and when you want. We also offer secure indoor and outdoor storage facilities at many of the ports across Saudi Arabia. 


You’re in excellent hands thanks to our experienced and highly-trained dock hands. Regardless of your cargo, unitised or non-unitised, our Stevedores have the experience, expertise and machinery to safely, efficiently and speedily handle the loading and unloading of all vessels.

Whether we’re managing your boxes on a Container ship, grains from a Dry bulks vessel, or large items of Project cargo, we have access to the best equipment and the best-trained operators. It doesn’t matter whether that equipment is owned or leased, whether it’s a floating crane able to lift up to 250 tonnes, or something brought in specially for a particular job. Our approach is always the same. Plan a safe, efficient operation. Put the plan into action. And stay in touch with the vessel, the agent and the customers throughout the operation.


We have a highly experienced team in electrical and mechanical maintenance. 

We are pleased to offer you high quality services and maintenance for Containers in all types with , also ports and offering spare parts always available in our stoke . 

  • Maintenance of hydraulic equipment inside the port yard. 
  • Maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment. 
  • Maintenance and repair of pipes and crusts. 
  • Provide parts and equipment for ships. 
  • Maintenance of diesel engines. 
  • Electric welding. 
  • Bearings maintenance. 
  • Winches maintenance.
  • Supplying ships with water and lubricating oils.

And many other maintenance is available you will just have to ask our team and they will assist you as soon as possible.