Water Solutions

With an experienced team of engineers ,we ensure our customers a lifetime guarantee, regular support and peace of mind. Aloula with partners are determined to develop sustainable solutions within industries such as livestock, agriculture, industry and general water treatment. With our understanding of the value of water and its function in today’s world, we aim to pave the way to create positive impacts on the environment and public health

In alliance with international companies, we have all kinds of water solutions and patents for special innovative products

we have stable biocide solution that is effective with water issues in various sectors 

our product is eliminates bacteria, disinfects surfaces, breaks down biofilm and proves to be effective for odour control.

Our products also is the complete disinfection product for poultry units , is non-carcinogenic, making it a safe alternative to formaldehyde.

We also have great experience with products that we have which is a highly effective bactericide for specific gas and oilfield applications when applied at various concentrations. It works for both brine and fresh water systems.

is able to reduce and eliminate harmful pathogens. One of our product forms a stabilised high purity solution at 0.35% (3500 ppm) in spray water and is effective against all forms of bacteria.

we believe access to clean drinking water is basic human right and we’re glad to have a hand in being able to provide that. Through our extensive research department and experienced team of dedicated engineers, our unique formula is fast becoming a credited and successful alternative to other chemicals, in producing good quality clean drinking water.