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Welcome to the Best Agriculture Provider Services Company

Aloula specialised investment ltd is a pioneer in the field of investments in the agricultural and livestock supply ,which includes projects to secure the food goods (storage, handling, trade, shipping, strategic storage and related activities) whilst participating in or cooperating with specialized international companies and related government and non-governmental organizations.

we aim to contribute to agricultural and livestock production and supply for the benefit of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support the 2030 vision , The company’s investment in national products , and boosting Saudi exports . Aloula specialised investment ltd is seeking to make successful investments with attractive returns in Saudi Arabia of agricultural goods to be exported. We works in agricultural, commercial and logistical investments that cover the supply in an integrated manner, commencing from agriculture products to the storage, handling, trade, shipping, and strategic storage to enhance the productivity and efficiency and potential for adding value.

Aloula specialised investment Ltd also has farms in Saudi Arabia , Africa and Brazil